I had a revelation today… I keep being presented with cleaning, or clearing out space. I also keep resisting…and as always what we resist… persists. The thing is, its time to clear out the old for the new. Rearrange the spaces in our lives that feel cluttered.

Here is what I am realizing personally…
I am making changes in my bedroom closet…expanding it, making it larger easier to move around in. How does this relate to my mental body? Well what is a closet?
For me, it is where I keep old clothes, current clothes, shoes…I store old things…things I don’t want to let go. In cleaning out this room, I realized that I could not believe how much I had…if I didn’t clear this space, I wouldn’t have room to grow. What I have needed to do is let go of things…”things” that I no longer need to make room for things I am ready to put away for awhile. Giving me more space to expand myself.
This in turn will leave my bedroom less cluttered, help me sleep better. It will also will allow me to recreate my relationship space with my husband.

After I got through this clean out… I was presented with another…at work. I needed to relocate my office to another office. Sounds simple right? Wrong! I had been in my space for only two years…however…my office was crammed with all that I had accumulated in the nine years I have been there. But once again…it was time…time to purge, to make room to separate myself from the past to move foreword into the future. I needed to let go of what I thought was so important…

I realize that I am in an expansion time frame right now… And if I did not realize this I guarantee You I would be presented With yet another room to clean!!!

I know this is somewhat a shortened repeat of my last post….but,it’s a very strong message coming through right now.

Take a look at what keeps presenting itself to you…you know the thing…the thing you keep pushing aside, resisting…take a look at it. See it for what it is…what is the lesson, or the message that you are not hearing?

For me it’s the acceptance of growth. That what I once held on to that defined and described me no longer was it doing me justice… I needed to clear things out, to redefine the me I am today, as well as make room for the me that I am becoming.

What is your message?

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