I am sitting in car at the park, just finished my lunch. Happy to have some quiet alone time in the middle of my day. Excited to maybe get in a quick blog entry… Sitting here with the sun pouring in through the window…my body starts to relax, i can feel the tension slowly melt away. The only thing that i can hear is the sound of the wind…fighting for my attention. The last few days the wind here has been crazy! Roaring through the night keeping everyone up, blowing down trees…people even.. Quite impressive the amount of power something you cannot even see can exude.
Kind of like spirit, faith, trust, love, anger….all things that you cannot conventionally see that are so very powerful.
Many of the people in my life right now are feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, stressed..I think the wind is reminding me of why. It screams change…forward movement. The wind actually speeds up the movement, which in turn can frustrate those that are not ready to move at such an assertive pace. Whether the change you are gnu through is big…or small… Or your choice or an imposed change..feeling as though you have no…or lost control of the speed at which you accomplish the change can illicit a sense of fear and can be very frustrating.

But what the wind is telling me is…the remnants I have left behind (for whatever purpose) are being blown away. That they are not needed. It is also telling me that not only am I in a star of transition the collective is. We are transcending to another plane of understanding, stepping closer and closer to spirit, opening not only our minds, but our hearts.
And no matter the end result change can be uncomfortable…annoying and incessant….just like the wind. It can also be beautiful, refreshing, and awakening…just like the wind.

So let your self be embraced, feel the warmth of the sun, and the love of spirit. Join in the excitement of the new directions the world is moving in.

Remind yourself to remember what is important to you, that what others may say…don’t matter, it’s what you know that counts. Trust yourself.

Ah…now…I must go back to work.
Enjoy your day.

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