I have been having a bit of a writers block lately… It’s odd though… I feel as though I have so much to say, to talk about and yet I get a moment alone and it’s all stopped up and nothing comes out.

I recently got a tattoo… I have been wanting one for years. I have just never been able to commit to one that I would be happy with for the rest of my life. Well… I finally made the leap. Funny thing is, until the moment when they put the tracing paper onto my body I was still not yet convinced…it’s really crazy.. I thought I knew where I wanted it, and that ended up changing at the last minute as well. End result is I am very happy, not only with my tattoo but my new found confidence in moving forward. I ended up getting three butterflies in flight in the center of my back. A red orange one, representing my safety and security (first and second chakras) and a blue and green one representing my heart and true voice (fourth and fifth chakra) and a blue and purple one representing my ascension from physical to spirit (my sixth and seventh chakra). The group together represents the transformation…and the pain and beauty alone the way. Even now I feel their power and love as they help propel me forward onto new adventures. Someone asked me…why a tattoo…why the need to permanently place it upon your body. Honestly…I don’t have a really good answer. For me it is just something I have been meaning to do for sooo long. I was waiting for something that I felt such a strong conviction for that I would never regret. It’s like a….what’s the word….you know a step…what did the Indians call it… Rite of passage…a ritual.. For me it was just that , a rite of passage.
An acceptance of who I am and who I am becoming.

Lately it’s all about transitions, growth and accession. All this cleaning and clearing out that has been so focused on me, well it’s because it a time of incredible growth right now. Cross roads where ever I turn. We face many decisions in our day to day activity, most of the time we are just not always aware of them all. So many things just seem to….happen. When in all reality they don’t ” just” happen, we make choices that make them happen ( choices we are not always aware of making). Except…right now, I am realizing and seeing a lot of my choices. It’s like a veil has been lifted. I think that this may be why I can become so overwhelmed at times. So many roads to choose from. Which one is the best, which will get me there with the least resistance, or am I ready to face that picture. The more tuned in you are with spirit the more aware you become to everything around you.

So… For me…My new tattoo helps me move forward. The butterflies help me continue to fly forward, they remind me to stay light hearted…they remind me that life is fragile, and so are the people we meet, and most of all it reminds me that anything is possible…

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