Ignored emotions can misdirect our path…


Intensity, anger, fear, frustration…these are the emotions I have been hit with lately. Now, not ALL the time, but a lot of the time. I have noticed I have been very intolerant. Which in a work (business) environment is not the best frame of mind to be in. I am constantly finding myself either on the defense or protect mode. I have also found that my ability to speak descriptively….or to really explain or give direction VERBALLY are extremely poor. I am realizing that I am in such a hurry speaking that I can sometimes not make much sense. I think more than I say and lucky and unlucky enough for me there are a few people that can follow my train of thought.

I don’t by any means think I am great writer. I type too fast and miss way too many typos. But…I am far more descriptive in written form.

Why is it communication is so hard for me right now?

I believe it’s part of my lesson. Our lesson…the collective lesson. We are all in such a hurry…rushing around, half listening, have speaking, living off assumptions or guesses. Talking to say your point with out always considering what you may have heard.
Asking questions…searching for answers that we have already been given. Being lazy.

I need to listen to hear, then formulate my response. Take my time don’t allow the person to rush me…think. The other area of defending and being in protect mode…is not a bad thing, if what your protecting and defending is worth doing so. Are you doing it to be stubborn. Are you doing it because you believe in it…because you are passionate about it… Not because you need a focus point for your anger. Or are you aggressive about the topic, because your spirit is prompting you to speak your truth…and open the door on what you feel and believe in. Some times we will easily speak our mind and share what we believe when we are defending that same belief…idea…or whatever it may be…for some one other than ourselves…we will readily stand and fight for a friend or loved one but not necessarily do the same for ourselves…and if we do…usually it is not with as much vigor.

So, what I have summed up is that we need to focus on communicating from our heart. Listening to what it is we want. Not ignoring the feelings and thoughts or beliefs we have inside…if we do…we may explode, implode or erupt…

Goes back to the earth cards The Ocean ~ gnu with the ebb and flow of our emotions. And the Tsunami card following the Ocean card, by saying if we don’t head the warning of our emotions, and working them through…giving them validation, we may self destruct erupt and create an uncomfortable experience, where we will be forced to see what wants to be seen…and heard.

Easier said than done…working through your emotions, allowing them to be validated. But it needs to be done.

And in regards to my inability to verbally communicate…maybe my lesson is to slow down and start allowing myself to process my thoughts and response.

And finally I am getting the message that we need to set our personal expectations at a realistic level. Accept that We may fall, that We may make a wrong decision and someone will notice or point it out. We need to believe in ourselves and remember that we are human.

If we just lowered the standards we set for ourselves to a level that we would set for someone else. Someone that we truly admired, someone intelligent, we would find that through all our admiration of this person…would not only expect them to make some mistakes along the way but …if they did we would forgive the. If we could just learn to treat ourselves this same way, we would see the beauty of our success with much more ease.

Learning to live with emotion…will allow us to be happier people.

How we feel about ourselves internally will be felt by all externally.

I hope we all have a peaceful week.


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