Cleaning House

Well here it is February already…

I just spent the weekend, cleaning out closets, clearing out a spare room, painting and tearing down walls.
When I think about it in written form, it makes me laugh. I could be talking about what I have been doing physically this weekend as well as what I have been doing mentally. Who knew there would come a time when I was actually attached to so many things?

First off, my husband is making our closet bigger by expanding our current one into an unused room.

Mentally I look at this expansion as growth. First step was putting a plan in place, deciding what was still working for us, what we liked still and wanted to keep. Then we needed to figure out what we wanted, what it would look like.
To move ahead…forward we must purge…we can’t pull everything from our past with us. We must part with things…. Things that are just that things. It can be really difficult at times, especially if you are not fully prepared.

Then comes the part of clearing out, clearing out things that no longer serve you. Things that no longer belong in your life. Sometimes this can be hard, for there are many things we wanted so badly at times that it can be just as hard to let go…even if you forgot you even had it. This step really made me think about things in my life in general… Like why do we hold on to things that really do nothing but cause us pain? Or clog up the rooms in our house? It’s funny…we focus so much on manifesting… That sometimes we forget to really put as much energy into purging. Purging can be just as important…if not more, look at all the hoarding shows…things don’t fill the holes in our lives…living our lives, and the people in them do that…not things. And if we just continue to collect things, save things, hold on… We eventually get clogged up, like a dirty drain. We need to let go, in order to grow.

This was a big lesson for me this weekend. I think that we sometimes hold on to things as a crutch… Or as a means to self sabotage our success, or keep us from completely moving forward, or on.

Learning to let go, I think may be one of the hardest lessons.

Painting…now that is like giving yourself a fresh canvas…a fresh lease on life or your future…it’s new…undefined…not yet stained, dirty or faded. Instead it is fresh and full of hope and expectations. Painting is exciting…it is in a sense controlled change… Ha!!! Which is really funny… True change is not meant to be controlled…it is meant to be unleashed, unchartered…new..

So, I guess what I am trying to say is…even though it appears that I spent my weekend doing very physical activities (which my aching back can attest to)…in the end…it was anything but purely physical. I challenged myself mentally and grew in more ways then the physical space I created.

I made room in my life for a new future, one I would have never guessed I would venture into. And the best thing is…in this new unchartered future, I am not alone. This is the year…this is the time of ascension…growth and expansion is happening all around us…we are all making changes and taking steps in the direction of growth. Spiritual development, independence and inspiration.
The collective is expanding, together we are cleaning house.

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