Waves of emotions


I went in my meditation room this evening and pulled a couple of my Earth Cards…
The first card I received was the Ocean card~Eb and Flow and the second one was tsunami.

The cards really worked well with my insight on the wind.
Water is emotions…going with the Eb and flow of our emotions if we don’t work through our emotions…we go against the waves..against our emotions. All this does is frustrate us and make us work harder for little movement forward.

As for the tsunami card…this could mean a lot of different things one being an explosion of sorts of all those emotions we don’t deal with. It’s a torrent of confusion that needs to be sifted through….it can also mean something completely unexpected is around the corner…and once the storm calms the good can be seen. I am reminded that I need to make it through the storm…knowing there will be a calm.

Sometimes the storms we deal with are all within…most are emotions that attach themselves to our ego. The dangerous emotion is fear. Fear is irrational, rational, and substantial.

So this evening… I am going to try and seek some guidance…

Sleep well….

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