Illusions, what are they and how do they benefit us?

I read a book long ago that actually described something similar as Glamours…a glamour in this book is When you mask or disguise yourself to fit in with your surrounding. Those being masked with glamour spells in this book were demons. They did not want to be recognized for what they were.

Illusions are similar in the instance that we create illusions to stop ourselves or protect ourselves… The trick is figuring out what are actually illusions, and what are actual road blocks.

In my class tonight it was described like this… Someone was getting a reading and what was being seen was two paths, one that was open and looked similar to a Cinderella lifestyle, familiar…hard, yet you know that it will be a good life with lots of work, you know how it will go. The other is a dark…blizzard that you can’t see through..
Now in this picture I have laid out… Which path would you choose and why?

The path with the blizzard was actually revealed as an illusion in this reading. Sometimes we block things out of fear… Instead of attempting the unknown we will place a picture in front of the thought, the vision that when looked at casually, or quickly (as we often look at things) we see the illusion instead of the potential path. A path that could have rough spots…but when you look past the illusion or the so called rough spot, you see that with those rough spots come a joy or experience, or life that is indescribable…

Other times that illusion is set there to deter ourselves from making a mistake… Or better yet in a past life we experienced that path and it was not a good or healthy experience. Even though this may sound to us like a good reason to avoid that path it may not be that simple. It’s not really that simple. That experience that was bad then…was then and now may be a completely different experience.

We need to evaluate why we labeled it what we did…how does this illusion benefit me? How does it stunt me? Does it effect me? Am I giving it too much power or control over my life?
It’s ok to have illusions, just try and be aware of them.

What I experienced tonight was enlightening for me. I was paired up with a fellow student…gave her a reading about any illusions she has attached to her life currently. In my practice, I was confronted with my own illusion.

In going back to the theme of my blog…”My clairvoyant journey”… I will work on opening up and revealing my own personal growth and revelations this year…one blog at a time.

Good night for now…

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