Happy New Year!! First topic of the year… Cause and Effect

Have you ever found yourself at the end of a goal, or sot after achievement only to wonder if this is really what you wanted? Or…maybe it’s what you wanted…but you never expected what came with it.

What do I mean? Well, let’s say you wanted…hmmm maybe more responsibility and respect at work. You reflect at work one day and think… Man this has been really frustrating… Maybe things that have been happening are directly related to your new position. And you stop and think…wow, all that I have been working for, I have actually achieved. Because you have been so focused on actually achieving your goal it turns into drive…focus..no longer a wish or dream. At some point you took control and started to move in the direction of making it a reality.

When we do this, and actually take ownership in our life, we take control of our success and our dreams.

Let’s go back to the realization of our success. Often when we set goals, dream, or wish ourselves in a better place we only focus on the end result. The….oh, my life would be so much better if…. If I had more money, if…I was in charge, if they would only listen to me… The list goes on. We all do it. Let me start by saying There is nothing wrong with this way of thinking. It is what we do with that, that either propels us forward or keeps us wishing.
Many times when we realize we have achieved our dream…we are shocked by what actually come with it, or what that dream really looks like.

One thing we forget to realize though… is no one thing will make our life “better”. Will it make it different? Absolutely! But along with the new end result…are the changes that happen along the way. Some good and some bad, many of them never thought of before. They may be so small and seem very insignificant…but they are not.
Every thing in our life has a cause and effect. A ripple effect so to speak. Nothing just happens.

Let’s go back and look at the wish of more responsibility and respect at work. Seems simple enough doesn’t it? Well…with that responsibility comes more work. It can also Possibly mean more time away from family, and if you are single, more time away from your developing a family…or personal life. It can also add more stress or a different type of stress. Expectations change. The respect we gain from others can be wonderful. But it too changes the way you are now viewed. There are expectations..and responsibilities here that you may not have really thought about. You may now be perceived more as a roll model because of this respect. This is a great thing…however, being a roll model can be a big responsibility that at times may feel like an actual burden.

My whole purpose for this discussion is, think about what it is you are wishing for. Look realistically at the end result. Is it giving you what you are really asking for, or seeking? How will you feel about the changes it will have in or on your life?

We need to be responsible for what we manifest. What we think we want. I am not suggesting we try and find the negative in our dreams…I am saying we need to look at what we are wanting, how it will effect our life, and the people we hold dear. We need to be responsible for our desires. We need to be aware of the potential or possible hurdles we may come upon. This doesn’t mean we should turn our backs on our dreams. Just be aware of what can and may pop up along the way. Don’t dwell on the negative, just be aware that they may arise. And if you do encounter something less than positive, you are not taken completely by surprise. You can then make the choice that is best for you.

Nothing is perfect, nothing will magically fix what may be wrong in your life. Only you can fix what you believe is not right. Yes…money helps many situations…however it can bring with it many more situations. It’s the person, that fixes or learns from a situation not a promotion, increase in salary, bigger house or better clothes…it’s the person behind all these things that make your life what you dream it to be. So don’t aimlessly wish for “x,y or z” make a plan. Take ownership in your life.
Take a risk and look at the positive and the negative of what your heart desires…just to make sure it is what you really desire.

Looking at the negative, being aware of the negative does not mean you dwell on it. It opens you up to knowing more specifically what it is you really want. Leave the worry and fear out of it. It is all about being “aware”.

And just remember that For every cause…there is an effect.

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