My thoughts on being and being…random

Ever ponder think about the act of randomness? What is random, to be random does something have to be without purpose? That is what it says in the dictionary… It states “without purpose”

I have had some random discussions on the what it is to be random. I have been told that our actions cannot be considered random. My question is, does that mean every thing has a purpose? If so, then so does a random act.

To me the initiation of something random does have purpose, the very act of changing ones course is a direct decision one makes at that very moment in time. There was some reason no matter how small, that changed the course. The purpose…well that is sometimes obvious…and sometimes not known until the event, moment, action, or thought has run it’s course.
That all being said, I also believe in fate and free will. Many will argue this with me as well. Lol!!!
But let’s think about it….
Fate is a predestined result or action, be it a thought emotion or experience right??? Well ponder on this for a while.

Fate offers a somewhat vague preset result, freewill provides us with options on how we get to that end result and to what degree that result effects or shapes our life. Just because something is preset does not mean it has to be as intense as it was initially first proposed to be. This is where freewill really fits in. Any and all things that effect our life…given our experiences up to that point in time will shape the way we deal with any end result we encounter. That is why I think we have both…freewill and fate effecting our lives each and everyday.

This all goes back to random… With out little random events, thoughts, things taking us “off” course…allowing us to use our freewill life would be boring. And I don’t know about you, but life is really anything but boring.

I like knowing, believing in myself…my choices, allowing my freewill to help me shape the fate that is lying out there for me… For me, to decide if the fate that is there for me will be what “I” want it to be. If I am unsure…at least I know there is a plan out there. A plan that I decided before I was even born. I knew, we all knew, that when we set our life plans that we may at any time decide to change it. Of course, we all have to first discover that power within and figure out that we have had the power to do so all along.
Lucky for me I figured it out. You can too… Dare to dream. Dare to change the status quo…live with your heart, lead with it as well.

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