Today’s thoughts

I have been noticing lately when I have been grounding myself….that instead of imagining a tree with the roots in the ground….I have the branches in the ground, and my roots open to spirit.

I have thought about it, and I think that the reason is that lately I am feeding my spirit/soul with spirit energy.

Possibly the the wolf that presented itself to me in my meditation was a message of insight. The deer that I keep seeing is a message to not leave behind my family…to not forget to remain grounded. To balance my growth. To balance my family and remember to be kind, compassionate, and to practice communicating from compassion.

This is a task that should be so easy, because I love them so much. But, for some reason communicating from a state of ultimate kindness, is not as easy as it sounds. The deer reminds me, to remember to communicate from my heart chakra.

Ultimately we all should remember to communicate from our heart chakra. By communicating from our hearts we communicate without ulterior motive, we communicate for the greater good.

This what the deer is telling me. To laugh, love, enjoy life. Be aware of your surroundings…but don’t let your surroundings take over. Remember grace, beauty, peace and humility.

As for the wolf…to me you need to think of what can be. Think about your spiritual growth…your commitment to family. One thing the wolf reminds me…is that no matter what others perceive of you…you know you. You must remember that you need to live for what you believe in, and stand for what you love.

Something about the wolf…to me the wolf is inspires me. The wolf also makes me think of medieval times, which in turn…. Makes me smile. And gives me a small sense of…home.

Good night.

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