Let your love shine!

Hello all.
I have not been as connected as I wish I had been lately.
Last week I went to my Thursday class, really needing the class. I never know what we are going to work on until I get there, and this one I needed. I had already told Michelle that I was not going to make it…wasn’t in the mood. Ha! For whatever reason…about an hour before class I knew I needed to go. I changed some things around and made it only 5 minutes late….

We talked about manifesting. Asking for what you want and working towards it… Or actually working with a manifestation wheel. I was instantly frustrated…I have a commitment issue with choices, I am so afraid to pick something. Actually it’s not even that…it’s as soon as you ask me to pick something I want all I do is second guess my choice. So much that I talk myself out of everything. I end up with I want to be happy… Great, doesn’t everyone? I mean really, who stands up and says oh… I really want to struggle and be sad all the time. Arg!!! I get so angry with myself. I knew…Right then,this is why you are here. This, Jackie, is why you changed your day to make class.
Now…have I filled out the wheel… Started working on what it is I “want”? Nope. Ha!!! Just because I know what I need to work on does not mean it’s easy or that I have miraculously jumped my barrier and have done it. It means I am once again reminded that I need to figure this out. It actually doesn’t even have anything to do with what I want anymore. It’s about giving myself permission….permission to…want. It is also about accepting…receiving. I need to learn how to do these things.
Was this a clairvoyant moment??? Not necessarily, but… There was a big piece of divine intervention going on. And remembering to listen to the messages we receive.

Now let’s go back to earlier that day… When I called Michelle to tell her I was not going to make it… Well we chatted a bit and I told her that the week was really going crazy for me. That we needed to get together soon to do a one on one… I was feeling lost, confused, and just out of sorts. She listened and directed me to a website called www.thepowerpath.com she said that the may be some information there I would find intestine and helpful. I hung up, and pulled the website up immediately. The website pulled up… And bam the first thing I see is The October 2011 forecast “turning point” with a big Uturn sign. It seemed to resonate with me. I read it…and thought wow… There were so many things in my life this could be about… Sooo many. I found the information amazing and really helpful. It wasn’t until 5 days later that I had my ah ha moment… And everything really made sense.
If you get a chance, please read the October forecast. It is the season of turning points what…is yours?

Man… I have sooooo much to say tonight. Catching up!

Been looking at another blog site… Thinking of maybe switching. Have not committed to the decision yet… Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Ok…really quick, I want to share one of my motorcycle meditation experiences.
My husband and I have been utilizing the bike whenever our time and the weather permits. Our main goal is to enjoy the great Colorado landscape and experience new places as often as we can. Two weekends ago, we took a ride on one of our older familiar routes…that we have not been on for quite a while. I missed it, the moment we turned onto the road, I thought….wow, why has it been so long since we have been here. It is sooooo beautiful. And it dawned on me… That, it is one of the closest routes to our home…and I don’t have any pictures… I take it so for granted. Next time…I will bring my camera!
Now here is the thing I really wanted to share…. Remember what I keep saying….about how important it is to listen…hear the messages that we are receiving. Well, as we are riding along I feel this overwhelming sense of love….joy….happiness. My heart literally feels full. As I am acknowledging this amazing surge of love and energy… I hear this voice. Now…it’s really hard to type the sound of this voice, so hopefully many of you have seen the movie Elf. The voice I heard sounded like the Norwahl that pops out of the ice and to say hello to Buddy. Lol! Really no joke… This is the voice I am hearing. And it is saying… Hi Jackie… Over and over and over again. The rocks, the cliffs, the mountain and boulders are actually talking to me.

The energy was reciprocated…we felt each other, we missed each other. Some thing I think is important for us to remember is, we don’t just receive energy…other people’s energy…we give off our own.

I think that when we do this, the energy we take with us holds that much more power…more meaning. The love and positivity multiplies.
So… Like the Bellamy Brothers sang….

There’s a reason for the sunshine sky’s
There’s a reason why I’m feeling so high
Must be the season when that love light shines all around us

So let that feeling grab you deep inside
And send you reeling where your love can’t hide
And then go stealing through the moonlit night with your lover

Just let your love flow like a mountain stream
And let your love grow with the smallest of dreams
And let your love show and you’ll know what I mean it’s the season
Let your love fly like a bird on a wing
And let your love bind you to all living things
And let your love shine and you’ll know what I mean that’s the reason….

Great song!

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