Tonight was my Thursday class. It had been about three weeks since I last attended. It was strange. I have really missed the class…but felt weird going.

I got a late start getting there. It seems something always seems to be detaining me or testing me.
What do I mean? Well, it never seems to fail that right before I am getting ready to leave work to get to class, some work will pop up, or an alternate invitation that I have actually been hoping or waiting for is presented.

Today was no exception. Today actually was both. Work for a weekend event is piling up on my desk, and an impromptu happy hour vent session presented itself to me. Tests…I get sick of them.

On my way to class my mood just switched. It was most all I could do to just keep myself from crying. Now, why this happened is a mystery to me. It has actually happened to me on more than one occasion.
I get to class…I go in. Sit…and instead of being my normal goofy out going self…I am quiet. A few times in the class I just looked at myself. What do I mean I just looked at myself? Well… How can I explain this. I feel like I was within myself that I was able to float out and look at my body. And what I saw was me…physically sitting there listening.

Have you ever really thought about listening…and I mean listening without thinking what your response is…or what your going to ask next, or your story that explains everything better than theirs. I mean really listening. That’s what I was watching myself attempt to do. Now I would say watch myself do…however, I was not 100% attentive if I was watching myself listen now was I?

It was a surreal experience nonetheless.

Class tonight was about gauging others in group or work settings. I find I do this a lot. We all do actually. It’s natural and we all really chalk it off to the “first impression” we get upon meeting some one.
After discussing gauging…. We paired off and did some readings on each other.
Our task was to read our partners summer/cycle. And what we will harvest from it this fall…and what part of the season we need to reseed for te next cycle.
It was very easy to get in the mode…
well as much as I want to keep writing… I am falling asleep as I have been typing…
I will finish this post another day.
Good night~

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