This Thursdays class :)

I really do enjoy my Thursday class.

Tonight was fun. We did healing’s on each other. A pretty quick check in.

Then we did some group healing’s. It is always fun for me to work on people I do not know. I like the challenge and the validation of what I come up with.

I really enjoy tapping in and getting the information. Sitting there with it and wondering is this really the information…do I sound stupid….and am I really going to say this, only to have it be my turn…say what I see or hear, or feel and then….get validation from the person or the person that knows the person we are healing or reading. I love to prove to myself that I get it. That I can do this. That I am not off in left field. It’s funny but I think….wait, I know I am my worst critic.

I think in this process…learning to trust ourselves is one of the biggest challenges. Our analytical selves are very hard to convince. It is hard to stop judging ourselves. We sometimes push ourselves to failure instead of success, just because we are u sure of the unknown. Maybe we are even a little afraid of the power. Whatever it is this is a lesson we must remember to not forget. We must learn,to trust ourselves. Trust what we are being given/gifted.

Practice meditating… Reinvent meditation. Who says it has to be this way or that….find what works for you…and make it your own. Till next time….meditate…make your tomorrow your tomorrow.


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