Stress… Ok, how does one deal with it?

I have had quite a bit going on and…I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed. Stress is a funny thing.

The more I try to control my stress, or not be stressed I find myself stressed about my stress! Now how is that effective??

I seem to forget the internal power we have to focus…ground and ask for help… I Get so caught up in my first and second chakra during the stressful phase of my life…. It is crazy, that when I am able to really look at the situation (of course once it has past) I can see how focused I am on the 1st and 2nd chakras. It over comes me. If I could/can only figure out a way to remind myself that if I would ask for help… Or look to my higher chakras for focus on a enlightenment on the situation….

Now here is an example of how flustered my mind has become…I bought some jewelry and….it was in a small bright pink bag…I saw it, thought about moving it to check out the pieces…and now, I cannot find it. I have searched the whole house. I am frustrated and my heart is beating out of control. I have dug in the garbage…inside and out. I have looked everywhere in my house (well obviously not everywhere since I have not found it). I need to think About what I wrote above…I need to release it and hope that it will appear or come to me where I put it.

I am going to take my own advice tonight…ground myself..ask for help from my angels, ask them to guide me to the item. Release it. Focus on my higher chakras. My heart needs to relax.

So… I will follow up on this post. Let you know how my advice works and if I am even able to follow it. The words all sound so reasonable, I will put my faith in what my guides have guided me to write…

Sorry if this blog seems so disjointed, it all goes back to stress… Self imposed or not…

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