Lunch break

What a beautiful day.

Lucky enough today to enjoy my lunch outside at the park under a tree. The hard part today will be going back to the office. I Love the fall. The sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. The warm sun on my face with the crisp breeze lightly blowing my hair. The colors in the trees… The feeling inside of ” ah… I made it” made it where… Or how, doesn’t seem to matter anymore… I just know I made it. Made it here…this far along only path. The path that is ever changing the path that no matter who along the way I meet…is still, my path.

What I do and don’t do in this life time is mine alone. My gift or my struggle, whatever it is I choose, I have chosen it.

This feeling….that I have right now. What is it? Is it peace, happiness, what? And how do I hold on to it?

Carry it in my pocket to aid me along the way.

I am going to meditate…and see what answers I am presented with…

Well… I am back. While meditating…I was presented with a beautiful grey wolf. In my vision, my mind eye. I was laying in the grass by a big boulder when my shaman guide approached me. He didn’t speak to me but I was aware of the task to connect with him. That I needed to remember him. When he faded I was left sitting there… And a grey wolf slowly…walked right in front of me.

Hmmm…. This I shall ponder. Now I must go back to work.

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