Again I had this amazing revelation while on the back of our motorcycle this weekend.

While cruising up another beautiful Colorado canyon…the words “off the beaten path” popped into my head. Like most messages I am receiving it would not go away, until I not only acknowledged it…but really thought about what I was being told.

Side note: I have noticed that most of the messages I receive come to me like this. In statements or sentences…or even single words. My job is to recognize them and decipher them. It’s getting easier every time it happens.

Back to the message. We are riding along and as I said in the beginning I was admiring the beautiful canyon we were in. Literally took my breath away. The cliffs,ridges,and boulders.. Hillsides covered in trees..the scent of pine filling my nose. It was amazing. I started to think about all our hikes we have taken and how lucky that we have been able to experience the mountains and foothills from a view and perspective, off of the beaten path.

This is were the message really comes in. Think about it. Life that is. It’s beautiful, by any means even at it’s worse,there’s beauty. Simple and innocent as a butterfly or humming bird, or even the intricacies of a spiders web. All, beautiful.

So when I hear the message of “off the beaten path” it reminds me to remember to not take life at face value. Look beyond it’s cover, venture into the unknown, not only in nature or planetary but theoretically as well. Push yourself out side the box. Take the dirt road or road less traveled. Try something daring and adventuresome.

Back to the literal meaning of the statement. Had my husband and I not ventured off on foot, off the bike, out of the car, we would have never have seen the beauty in the rebirth of a burned forest. Hiking up the side of a mountain has enriched my soul. It’s allowed me to see just how beautiful a flowering cactus can be. I have been able to slow down, actually it’s felt as though I have been able to freeze time.

By stepping off of the path (the one that everyone takes…the one that is beautiful in it’s own right, but is really a one size fits all kind of ride….) I feel more alive,more empowered.

The message is an important one. We need to remember, remember to take charge of our time here, look beyond what’s laid out. Look along the path, see a interesting sight? Take the time to enjoy it, up close. True living begins when you take the reins and control your destiny.

My angles want you all to know that the best way…is not always the quickest. Stop programing your GPS to the most direct route. In choosing the direct route every time…you lose out on all life’s extras…

Those extras…are what life is all about by the way…

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