Today’s insights

Today was one of those full of…insight days.
My energy had what I would call surges all day.

I recently had a revelation, and it was probably on the back of the bike!
I think that when we write our paths for our life…and place our lessons along it, we do it with interesting intention.
What mean by this is… We have specific life lessons that we either need or want to learn. I truly believe we are continually striving to learn.
I believe that the lessons start out small and seemingly small. If we ignore the issue, the blip we place along our life path for whatever reason, the ramifications at the time may seem very small or insignificant. However, what happens is the issue resurfaces later on our ever evolving path. I say ever evolving because with free will comes consistent change.
When that blip shows up again… It is bigger, missing it or ignoring it, or not learning from it only makes it reappear over and over again. Each time it reappears it appears bigger, more traumatic and that much more tragic at times.

I think that we actually intended it that way for a reason. The gentle way didn’t work so each additional pop up needed to be able to make it’s presence known. Again it all goes back to choices and control. We have it.

I listened to some opinions/ideas some have of humanities current state of mind. How we (as a collective) have gotten in the current state of mind…fear.

The idea of environment, exposure and cultures all seem to leave the biggest impression on man. I agree to an extent. Even with all that we have to mold/ form and guide our thoughts of what is and isn’t… We all still have free will. And unless you are of the smallest group of sheltered mankind on this planet, you still have freewill or you could call it choices.
As a whole… We need to stop blaming others for our choices. This is NOT easy it is actually downright scary! accountability is a scary concept. Think about it…who wants to make wrong decision…and be responsible for it? Who wants to have to admit they made the wrong choice. Our influences are instrumental in the way we think… And learn and our beliefs. They shape us into the people we become. Key words…shape,influence,become. We are given tools, and a beautiful mind to do with it what we may.

There are always exceptions I am not saying that. I am saying that we have more people who no longer hold themselves accountable. To be honest I think it is an easy way out.

Let’s remember to not judge, remember that everyone has a different path, respect that.

Well…it is now my bedtime.

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