Through the trees

Through these trees I can see a lot. As I was taking the picture I thought about how alive I felt…I felt comfort…love…and protected. I felt so very un-alone.

Before I get to side tracked… It was amongst this forest that I attempted a special grounding technique a friend shared with me. This technique was intended to ground /connect me with a tree. It chooses me type of grounding.

I was very excited to try this out and was even more excited by the surroundings I was in to do so…

I went through the steps. I was in a slight meadow… Surrounded by big strong beautiful pines. I sat by a particularly strong pine tree holding to connect. Felt a connection and proceeded with the steps. Went through the process of identifying myself…the tree… When I kept getting this image of a Aspen tree in my mind. I would dismiss it…and continue. This image continued to present itself to me…

I ended the grounding and was going to personally thank the tree that allowed me to connect with it (still thinking it was the big pine I sat by) when as I opened my eyes…doyou know what the first thing I saw was??? Right at eye level was a fresh new aspen sapling. Yes, you read correctly… Ha! An Aspen tree, fresh and new. Growing amongst all these tall and mighty trees…

In my connection with this little guy…I felt all the majesty and greatness of the tall and mighty pines around me.

I realized that it doesn’t matter what you appear to be on the outside it is your heart and drive on the inside that you take direction from…as well as project to others from.

It’s when we stop and look at our physical form that we sometimes mess ourselves up. We allow the reflection we see to direct us. When really ….if we just let ourselves be the you…the me…we see inside we would all win.

For this little Aspen, did not care that he was not as tall he was just as powerful and grand… On the inside. He believed. I was so touched and very grateful of this lesson I was blessed to receive, that I left him apiece of me for sharing with me what keep allowing myself to forget, for this lesson as often a times I keep repeating/learning was bigger than I even knew at that moment.

So…like me, learn from the little Aspen. Learn that it does not matter you shape or size or what others may tell you, it is all about what you believe. Be confident in who you are!

This is also good reminder…don’t over look your messag Just because they are not presenting themselves to you the way you have asked, or expect them to does not mean they are not there. You just may need to open your eyes a little wider or remove your preset limitation on their reveal.

Sweet dreams.

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