It is getting late… Can’t sleep even though I am beat. Seems to be a new norm for me.

I thought I would talk a little bit about reiki. I am getting ready to take Reiki III part one of two final classes.

I hve really enjoyed the awakening that I have received since being attuned. I will not profess to now knowing all that there is to healing with reiki… If anything I am still insecure to some extent of my abilities. However… I cannot argue the feeling…the sensation that is awaken in the palm of my hands whenever I invoke it. I think that because I take what tools I learn or are given and adapt them to me… That I fear the strength of any particular modality.

My inner voice just nudged me, and told me it is only my own fears, and insecurities that hold me back. And that once I let go of the self judgement and ultimate need to be accepted only then will all my true power rise to the surface. Only I stunt my growth.

I realize that I am my biggest obstacle. It is so easy for any of us to quicky point fingers and assign blame to those around us and our environments. When really all we need to do is look within. If you are not able to look within…start by looking in a mirror.

Once we acknowledge the truth of what us in our way only then will we be able to adapt and put ourselves back on our true path.

Back to Reiki… I am looking forward to starting the first of my first of the final two classes.

Eventually I would like to actually practice some traditional reiki, become familiar and confident with it. Once that happens I hope to be able to add that to my list of holistic resources.

I have noticed that I need to ground myself a little better before performing reiki on family and friends. Why you may ask… Well it seems that the more that I send and give reiki energy, love and light the more exhausted I become. And from what I understand, performing a reiki treatment should not be depleting my energy but using that of Gods energy…

My eyes a finally getting heavy… I am going to sign off for now. I will need to reread this when I am more in my body… Right now as my eyelids droop,my mind starts to drift away,thank goodness for my guides.

Good night friends

Please forgive any spelling and grammar errors….in this and all other posts.


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