Perseverance or stupidity???

Have you ever just wondered why you keep trying something, even when you know you should just give up?

This is my quandary today. Actually it’s not just a today thing but for whatever reason today it has decided to resurface.

Let’s see, some examples… It is kind of like the rat that is in the maze…(the one that has no sense of smell) and keeps running into the same walls over and over again in search of that wonderful piece of cheese. We would all watch this rat/mouse and say come on dude! Give it up!!!

He knows he can’t smell, yet he keeps trying… Is he stupid or full of perseverance. When does one draw the line?

Ok… So much for the rat , let’s talk people.

When do we actually need to give up? When do we need to cut the cord…or should we cut the cords that bind us to people? Is it when we find ourself repeating the same actions with the same end results over…and over again.

I think the first step is to remove yourself from the equation… Look at the situation from a non-biased position.

There comes a time when you have to look out for yourself.

I think that some people in our lives don’t realize that they have control over their lives. Instead of taking hold of their life and the situations in it they decide that it is someone else’s fault. That they are stuck in a circle. Inside the circle is comfortable and yet scary. Outside the circle is unknown…scary and the fear of not knowing is big enough to keep them in the circle. Ha!!! Now I am talking in circles!

I am starting to feel better…. Remembering that we are the only one in control of our ultimate happiness. Sure, it can be tough, we can’t shake the unconscious conscious. They have to want to be awake. Until that time focus on only what you can control, yourself and your actions.

All we can do for the unconscious is repeatedly direct them to the options. Remind them that they have choices.

I had a discussion with someone one day, about how people are the way they are based on the environment they are in. I argue this point. And will till the end of time. Deep within all of us is drive, a will, to be and do whatever we dream. It is true…possible and everything you need to make it happen is available to you. You just have to look in all the right places. If at first you don’t succeed try try again. Try until you see the end of that rainbow, and when you find your pot of gold…help those that have not yet found theirs.

Don’t let others bring you down, most of the time their unconscious does it because they are jealous…I mean why wouldn’t they be, you found the pot of gold.

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