Back to this topic…
I wanted to share a grounding experience I had. I was going through my normal grounding process when I was getting ready to pull my energy through my chakras; however they looked strangely different.
Normal for me lately are swirls of color as the base and from there they can have images , items, dark swirls and even people in them. This time though they were each a different flower.
My base was a beautiful red poppy.
My sacral was a giant ether daisy.
My solar plexus was a yellow sun flower pointing up to the sky.
My heart was a violet, soft and strong
My throat was a hydrangea beautiful and blue.
My third eye was a strong lavender plant in full bloom
And my 7th was full of fields of Russian sage.

This experience was very beautiful for me, as well as fragrant and peaceful. I was very appreciative of the new outlook on each of my chakras.
However… Since this grounding I have been very… Heady? Dizzy and not feeling as focused. I need to look in to the possible reason for this.

I think it is important for me to look into the uses of each of the flower essences, I am actually starting to think that maybe they are what I need to reconnect to my body. As I think I am living outside my physical body a little roomy h lately.

Since then I have been pulling in a lot of earth energy. In doing that I realize that the boulders…rocks…mountains and minerals are what I am drawn to the most.

Once I look up the meanings to all those flowers I will report back and let you know my ah ha moment. I already know I will have one. 🙂

Ta ta for now

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