Thursday nights class 7-14

Tonight’s class was about time.

What is time to you. How do you measure it? How important is it to you. Are you driven by time, or do you drive time? Do you use your time wisely or does your time use you?

Tonight’s class was very insightful, in regards to how we handle and perceive time. Ha! How many times can I say time?

We discussed always being late versus early. Procrastination. You name it.

Made me think in class though, how we all think of time as linear…but it’s not. I kept hearing a voice telling me that it’s similar to how people thought the world was flat… That’s what they could see…it’s what they new, when in fact, no one has fallen off the earth. It is roundish.

Man in general has a hard time grasping a concept that it can not see. In general we lack a sense of faith or…should I say an ability to thow beliefs to faith. We like that touch, see kind of proof. But, nothing is really that simple is it? As some point faith has to be a part of us, of time.

We move forward in age…so we understand that.

I also had a lesson tonight that is slightly unrelated…but related. We are all able to hear the messages that people give us, it just depends on if it’s the right time for us to act. Some hear…understand and can repeat the message saying they got it, to only repeat the patterns that show that they have not gotten it… They are just not ready to accept or possibly embrace it yet. So…the message looses it’s strength. The key is to accept that everyone has their own time line… Ha!!! Yep, I said time “line” come on, time “circle” just sounds weird!!

Good night

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