Thunderstorms have definitely been the theme of the week.

To me there is something strangely peaceful about thunderstorms. I can lay there and listen to the rain, witness the flash of light and wait patiently for the roll of thunder to follow.

Something about the storm brings me back to a moment in time in my childhood, a rare moment that represents a introspection.
Rain is water and the water element is a representation of our emotions. So I think rainstorms in general provide us all with a sense of inner self. A reflection of our emotions, the whole realm of emotions we each carry with us. For some of us we keep these emotions deep within. The rain storms give us the opportunity to reflect upon them.

Many of us are afraid to bring to surface these emotions, unsure how they will play out and affect our lives. Fearful that paying them notice will do nothing but cause unneeded stress or frustration. It is like we try and avoid conflict with ourselves…which if you really think about it is, quite comical. If you really think about it all avoiding them does is create more frustration and a false sense of being.

Seriously we (the human race) have seemed to have mastered the ability of self avoidance.

Now don’t misconstrue this blog in thinking that I think I have all the answers. Its out of my own faults, weaknesses and insecurities that I base my statements.

All that being said, what do I think the weather is trying to tell us. If anything.

Maybe we are supposed to be more reflective… With ourselves…our communities, our families, our earth. That we should stop ignoring issues that have been left unattended.

Well, that’s all I have today.

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