The energy we give off

Have you ever thought about why people may react the way they do to you? It’s an interesting thing to think about.

I find that what ever mood I am in dictates how I am approached by people. You may be thinking that may be a pretty obvious observation, but… is it?

I mean, sure…if your interacting with people and they see your mood, they will react accordingly. What about the stranger you never even interact with. What about the person on the phone and all you have said hello too?

In my personal life I have noticed that whatever mood I am in, I emit an energy. An energy that will either attract or detract. When ever I am in a really good mood, whether I have spoken with any one or not, I am approachable. I will have strangers ask me for directions, or strangers comment on something I am wearing. Just this weekend, while eating breakfast with my daughter we were just sitting at our table engaging in slight conversation…when this women came up to us and asked if we would like a free breakfast coupon for the next day. we could not use it, but thanked her. We were very surprised actually.

So… All that being said, our energy pours out around us. It is incredible how we all pick up on other energy. We can meet some one and pick up on their energy and however their energy affects us will dictate that connection. Negative energy can provoke some into confrontation or others into complete avoidance.

So… Remember even when you are not verbally communicating or interacting with others your energy is. Your energy cannot lie, like your words can.

That might sound harsh… But, I really believe it’s true. You might be able to confuse some of your true intentions, but you can’t fool your energy.

It doesn’t take much to turn a negative situation into a positive, just find that something deep inside you that makes you happy or smile. Or think of a place that brings you peace. Be grateful for what you do have.

Have a great night!

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