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Saturday 7/9/11
Having a hard time getting inspired to blog, think or really do much of anything, today. That being said we ended up doing a lot today. We took the bike to Starbucks, then to Fort Collins for a little air show, off to The Loveland loves BBQ, and then…home for a quick nap. But wait were not done yet, we decided to catch a movie!

Maybe…my mind hasn’t had enough quiet down time. That must be it. No inner inspiration today.
Oh well, on with my blog. A few posts below I mentioned bird totems and their meanings. I also mentioned a really great book that I use all the time as a reference.
That book is called: Animal Speak by Ted Andrews
This is a great book to have on hand. Very interestingly laid out. As you may notice from the title it is about “animals” not just birds. It has given me great insight on the many animals I keep seeing around.

Speaking of animal totems, it seems that the fox has been trying to send us all a really big message this year. In random conversations with people it seems the fox has been really making his presence known. One of the main messages of the fox is about adaptability, being adaptable to change, cunningness and being sly. It seems that change is around us all actually.

I also have frequented a website called what’s your sign their link is

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