So I have decided to try and chronicle my experience. It has has been a little over a year I think… Crazy as it may sound but I feel like I have been on this journey forever… And, in a way I have. We all have. There just comes a time in ones life that they actually start to hear the messages we have become accustom to ignoring. I have been a intuitive person all my life really. As a young child the perception I held on life wore on the nerves of most everyone that new me. As often as I would ask “why” I would also just “know”. Jumping to my teen years I had a very strong connection with my best friend, we could read each others minds when we tried. It proved to be entertaining at parties but really wasn’t anything more than a novelty.

Jumping from my teen years to my forties… I have spent quite a bit of money as well as time dabbling here and there. It really wasn’t until a friend (who appeared to just pop in my life one moment and then out the next) gave me a reading with a clairvoyant friend of hers, for Christmas that I started to really pay attention.
And that is really where this journey begins.

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