Remembering through frustration…

You know how I have been going on about being in control of our energy… Well…I feel in charge of my energy today…but my environment is out of control. I don’t want this blog to become me complaining about work, so I will leave it at that about my environment.

So, how do we deal with a harsh environment? On e where we do not have the control we would like. Change is the first thing that pops in my head. Change the situation. Find solutions, and if that still doesn’t work, remove yourself from the environment. Ultimately we are in control, even if it does not feel that way. The beauty of it is we need to remember to see the fact that we always (almost always) have control.

Never give in to manipulation. And don’t manipulate others for your benefit or gain. We have the power to do this. The more in tune you get with your energy the more power you have.

That all being said, I will take a deep breath…..

Breathe…. And remember to try and not forget that I am in control.

Nothing is worth forgetting who I am, what my path is, and what I believe in….even if no one else believe the same as I.

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