Random thoughts

Well this is my thirteenth day of blogging, I am pretty happy with myself.
The Monday after my relaxing weekend getaway with my daughter…
I thought I would have been….hmmm…so much more than tolerant. Recharged, you know.

Well, I got part of it right. I was calm, and more laid back at work, but….not really tolerant. I felt so irritated by people and their complaining. All I kept hearing in my head was be the change.

Be the change you want to see in the world, really fits in all aspects of our life. I still listened, to what people said I just felt tired of the talk and want to encourage change.
Change is inevitable, and if you want to be ok with it and not shocked by it, be a part of it. Don’t depend on others to make the first move. Don’t give up your independence. Don’t be a follower…be a leader…a team player.

It’s funny how the farther in I go the clearer things become (in certain areas of my life that is). With this new found uncertainty of where I am going…come a clarity as well, in many ways.

I feel that everyday I peel another layer of myself away. A layer that helps me get to know myself again. One of the best things I could have ever started, besides my Thursday clairvoyant classes,is this blog. It’s so weird! I have always loved to write my feelings down. I have been journalling since I was 12. But…in that lifetime my privacy was greatly breached. My trust broken. I have carried a bunch of trust issues, as well as an issue of being judged. So, when I have tried to write the past few years, I always have a mental block. Which has caused all my emotions to clog up my head. I have been jumbled and lost in my head. It’s hard to explain.

This blog…has allowed me to free up a corner of my mind to actually find myself. Uncluttered my thoughts. I now have a space in my mind to retreat to, to review, contemplate and imagine.
It has been one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself.

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