My weekend hike

Went on an 8 1/2 mile round trip hike today. What a beautiful time. We took some great pictures, I hope to post one or two very soon.

My hike today was escorted by a series of beautiful butterflies! The colors ranged from black and yellow, traditional monarch, soft yellow,white, and even a black with a little orange. It was pretty amazing experience really.

My head was clear…and every time I would wander in thought a butterfly would flutter by and bring me back. I also experienced hearing what sounded like voices one minute and the buzzing of bugs the next. I didn’t feel like we were alone… Yet there was no one else was around.

We took a nice long break in the shade, and I took the opportunity to ground myself while sitting on the forest floor. What a peaceful grounding experience.
When I was receiving earth energy it was a very strong earthy flow of earth (dirt) and water. It was such a strong feeling. As for spirit energy i received a strong flow of focus and perseverance. It was incredible. I came out of my mini meditation completely renewed.

We really had a wonderful hike.
Hiking for me has become spiritual… The best church ever.

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