My love hate with technology.

I love being able to blog, i need technology for this, so i love that option. To share my voice, even if no one is listening. I hate that in one click of a button it can all disappear. I hate that my iPad be it user error Ora random I need to shut down right now can dictate my mood for the rest of the night. You see I just sat here for the last….hour or so…, typing a, what I thought very poignant blog about my day. Being contemplative, and frustrated with my technology, and self analysis. Only to click preview… Read it…like it, and have it all lost. Wiped away! GONE.

Hmm…big message here, is what? Give up? Persevere?
Deal with frustration? Seriously, what is up? Today I feel tired. I finally felt I had something to say and then it’s gone.

Sigh… Ok, hopefully that is out of my system. I think I will leave it at this for a little while. Catch my breath and relax before proceeding.

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