My experience with Reiki 7-16-11

I realized that I have not talked about Reiki yet in this blog.

I have taken Reiki I and Reiki II and have been practicing my ability to use Reiki for quite a few months. I have found it pretty amazing at time actually.

I wouldn’t say that I use it traditionally, but I use it everyday. I use it to calm situations, or myself in situation. I have been certified in each level to actually start my own practice. I would like to get a massage table and really start using it more traditionally.

I have used it to help with my husbands back, my daughters broken nose, and on myself when doing a healing on others. I have cleansed my office with Reiki and cleared crystals.

Tonight while sitting in my hotel room with my daughter (we are on a mother daughter weekend) there was a little boy just screaming his head off for about….an hour and a half… I got into my healing space ( grounded my self) and invoked some reiki. Part of passing Reiki II is learning the distance healing symbol. I decided to try and use this technique on this poor unhappy child. I asked my guides to help me, I asked them to ask this little boys higher self if I could try and assist him.

I connected with my reiki masters and moved out into the hall… Quietly stood against my door and started to beam the reiki energy to his room. It was really pretty cool what happened next.

I was very quiet, just standing there not really wanting anyone to see me actually with my hands beaming energy across the hall. While I was doing my thing… I hear the boy screaming louder and banging on his door, I hear an adult tell him no one is out there… He does not agree. She opens the door and I turn to act as if I am going in my room. She sees me and says to him, see honey it is not your parents… He looks at me and stops crying. They go back into their room and I go back into mine. I continue to send love and comfort and reiki to him… I hear him cry a little bit over the next few minutes…then nothing. 🙂

Hopefully the Reiki helped him, he seemed so very distraught. I really feel that he felt or sensed the healing energy. I think that is why he thought is parents were out there. It was a really cool feeling.

The hotel we are staying in had to move us to a different room today due to issues in our room, we were I. Room 909 and were moved ito 1111 the numbers seem very symbolic to me.

Never would have encountered the young man if we hadnt of moved, so I hope that our move was purposeful for him (they were originally going to move us into 1104 but, for some reason they changes the room).

Well… That is all for tonight, pleasant dreams.

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