Motorcycle Meditation~ The Duck

Ok many people will think I am crazy but some of my best moments of meditation happen while on the back of our Harley.

While we were heading up to Estes on Monday. I was thinking about starting this blog. I have to say I was pretty excited to actually start… A blog, to actually get my thoughts written down.

This led me to the thought of how cool it would be if there was some way to plug in to your brain (yes, like a pensive from Harry Potter … but different) you know, have all my thoughts poured out and perfectly placed describing everything just as it is in my brain. As quick as the thought came however… It was dismissed. Too many of my thoughts should never really be shared.

My thoughts quickly shifted While we rode up the canyon.

I noticed the flow of the river… A hawk soaring by… But…what happened to really capture my attention, is a duck. Yes, a duck. You see, I look to my right and there was this duck flying along side us. Have you ever really stopped and thought about a duck in flight. Have you noticed how vigorously they must flap their wings to fly even the shortests of distance? They work so hard to get to their destination. The perseverance needed to maintain flight is in inspiring.

The duck is so self confident. I mean come on… He is no Eagle.. Sparrow…or Hawk. No long soaring swoops or glides do they get to take, and yet, he can fly. I can’t fly, he…can.

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