Just sitting in a hotel room…actually having a tough time trying to figure out something to write about. I think I will touch upon inspiration.

What inspires you? I would like to know.

For me, it’s really random. Here are the first few things that came to my mind. The look in a child’s eye, a cloud in the sky, or the smell of a freshly fallen rain after a dry spell. You know that smell of excentuated dirt that has just been moistened with the first few drops of rain.

Other things that really inspire me in nature are large cornfields…lush green pastures, silos, old barns, bodies of water rocks and the sky.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling when your sounded by something (no matter what it is) that inspires you. For me the feeling is of wonder, joy, love, and the great need or desire to consume. I can’t seem to find the right words to quantify my feelings. I have always laughed when trying to tell someone how it feels to me, and the closest I have come is in telling them that I want to eat it! Ha! Does that mean I have food issue??? Sounds like another blog.

In really thinking about the moments that I have felt this strange inspiration… This strong sense of love and connection, I think that it is possibly a glimps back into another time…another lifetime as a matter of fact. I do be that they are messages that I have possibly place along my path for this life time… Message to remember, to remember to stop and reflect. To stop and remember the joy, maybe not in the life times of the past but of the lifetime of now. We all get so swept away wondering where we are going. Who we are seeing, meeting, or even who we need to be that we in fact, forget the path. We forget the journey we are on.

I believe it’s part of our quest. We all new when we chose this body…this era…this life, that the true challange in our journey would be finding our way home.

Some of us were up for some really challenging issues when we sat amongst the stars and wrote it all out, maybe even a bit of an over acheiver. But, what we need to remember is that it is the life we have, and I strongly believe that regardless of our struggles, we have choices and control of where we go. Control what lessens we master or even just learn.

Yes, everyone may say something in regards to money. Money is a tough issue, one I personally struggle with all the time. You need money to acquire all that makes our life “comfortable”. There is a difference in comfort and survive. I am not saying you don’t need money. I am the first one to stand up and fight for what I do have, as well as play the lottery to get more of it. I like the joy of not worrying about how or if I can afford what I want. I like the comfort of not having to worry.

What I am saying is we have choices on how we choose to live. What we choose to place a great importance on. We just all need to remember that there is sooooo much more out the to provide us happiness.

Wow… I feel like I totally derailed there.
Back to inspiration… Basically I really appreciate the thought I put into this life prior to entering it. I appreciate the inspirational message that I created in my soul to remind me… Remind me that I have been here before that I am not alone, that I will be ok. That along with inspirational reminders, there are people too.. people that knew me, that agreed to help me along my way.

So…there you have it, my take on inspiration.

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