I used to be really fearful of birds. We can all give thanks to two people for this seemingly silly fear, Alfred Hitchcock and a babysitter whose name cannot remember. Yes… I begged and pleaded to please let Me stay up and watch the movie ( I was around 7 for gods sake) and well my begging finally paid off. She let me. Ever since, I have never really felt the same about birds. that is until I started going to my Thursday classes.
You see this Thursday night class of mine has changed my life in so many ways. Today though I am going to focus on the symbolism of birds.

I have learned that each bird has specific traits and qualities about them. All you need to do is pay attention.
Example, last night I talked about the duck and my thoughts on them. I have found a great site on the Internet that goes into great detail the symbolism and meaning of this bird as your totem. There is also a book I have that does the same… I will try to post the names of each later.

Since becoming more ” aware” of the birds around me and knowing that they hold so many messages for me, I find my self searching them out. Looking for them. For my feathered messengers. The following are a list of birds I have around me everyday… I see them over and over.
The Hawk.
Grey heron
And lately I have been seeing the turkey vulture. Each has a message.

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