Energetic feelings

Yesterday my husband and I took an incredible motorcycle ride up west of Golden along the lariat loop to Evergreen and back to Golden.

It was a very nice trip,

While along the trip I noticed that the mountains gave off a VERY different vibe then mountains in others areas.

As we drove along, I kept getting this depleted feeling. Like the land I was looking at had been depleted of spirit. This really bothered me. I kept thinking… How can this be? It felt as though the magic had been sucked out of the earth. Sounds strange but believe me it felt even more weird. It was like the ground had been exhausted of all it’s energy.

In all our travels through the mountains I have never experienced such a feeling. I realized that I had not appreciated what the earth has been giving back to me as I ride by. I felt that the area on lookout mountain was so populated, so trampled that it lacked the hope and inspiration that I receive in other areas. I think this area has experienced so many people coming here to find peace and solitude that it may have given all it could give… I think that the energy the spirit left in that area is being reserved for the earth itself. The energy is being used to replenish and grow.

I think we need to remember that we need to give back to the forests.

I have been in many burned forest areas…many of these areas appear very desolate however… In those extreme areas of visual desolation there is still an overwhelming feeling of hope, determination, growth and love. What amazes me is that even in the state these areas are in…there is still energy given, shared.

Pretty strange how even when an area doesn’t appear to have anything to give…it still gives. I think what we need to realize is that the earth naturally gives. It gives unconditionally, until it can no longer give. When that time comes it just slows down it’s giving and rebuilds itself.

As we continued our ride we wound our way onto the highway 7 canyon. Once in this canyon I was overwhelmed by the energy I was hit with. It was in this canyon that I started to realize that the majority of the energy coming toward me was coming from the rocks…the boulders.

Many of these boulders have been around thousands of years and some maybe even since the beginning of time…amazing, amazing that I am able to share it’s energy…the spirit and love that it gives so freely.

I felt so privileged to be given this energetic honor.

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