Center of head…the 6th chakra

Last nights class was very much needed for me, as always.

Mostly it was a typical class..big class, a couple newer people. The dynamics has been changing, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

As we were being lead through our guided meditation I realized my 6th chakra (my center of head…private room) had changed decor. I know this sounds a bit….odd but, we are guided to imagine a space all our own, with no one else. A place to reflect, sit, meditate, and collect your self. Mine had always been a very clean white and brown room. Very relaxing and comfortable. It has been this way really for over a year now, so…imagine my surprise when I got there and it was completely different. I couldn’t help but chuckle even…for my room had turned into the I dream of Jeanie bottle!! Yep, that’s right! I dream of Jeanie.
Pretty crazy… I know.

Well…I need to sleep.

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