Bears, Honey and Pelicans

So it seems I am back online and all is functioning again. As frustrating as yesterday was I am going to put it behind me. 

It’s amazing sometimes how the things that happen can effect you. To me the lesson is in how you allow yourself open up and be able to be willing to take the time to really look at all the symbolism out there. Once you do, it will amaze you.  

What am I talking about? Well… Sunday we took the motorcycle out for a quick ride before the rain set in. As we were driving on a road I drive on nearly everyday coming home from work, I saw a honey stand, that has never been there before (and has not been there again since actually). As we drove by I thought about how I wanted to stop and buy some honey, but while on the bike the moment comes and goes very quickly. I made a mental note to swing by later and have actually since forgotten until beginning this post! Well our ride went on and as always it was beautiful, I don’t think I will ever tire of the scenery around our home.  As we were coming around to Horsetooth reservoir we saw a bear! This is not a normal occurrence for me. I was amazed! First the honey, then the bear? Was someone trying to tell me something? 

The bear totem has many meanings as it has been around in folklore for many years. 

As we continued our ride I kept thinking about that bear. Over and over I. My head thoughts of slowing down, not being too aggressive and parenting kept popping into my mind. I became anxious to find some time and do some research. Last night, since technology failed me, I looked up the bear in the Animal Speak book I have mentioned. I was amazed! 

The book stated that “the bear teaches/tells you to go in and awaken your potentials. Meditating and working with the bear will help you to go within your soul’s den your inner sanctum-to find your answers”
It goes on to mention the bears fondness of honey. “It (honey) is a reminder for those with this totem to go within to awaken the power, but only by bringing it out into the open and applying it will the honey of life be tasted.”

Well, what this tells me is to slow down, think things through spend some time truly reflecting. And if I ever really want change, such as doing what I love, working width people, healing, motivating, helping others see their true potential, opening them up to their inner wisdom, I need to eventually bring it out in the open. I need to not hide my new found abilities or hide my views. By hiding behind a cloak of normalcy I just harm myself. 

I feel a strong connection with nature lately. 
That Sunday besides seeing the bear I saw quite a few animals. I saw a pelican, large male elk, 
The pelican flew directly above me. The message of the pelican “is in spite of their lightness, sometimes they have a difficult time taking off from the water. Still they do manage, and again we can see the correspondence to freeing oneself from that which would weigh you down. The water is a symbol of emotions, emotions often weigh us down. The pelican teaches how not to be overcome by them.”

This is definitely a message I should take to heart. 
Well it is time for me to go back to work!

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