And then there was a rose. Each petal soft and velvety to the touch. Your scent fills my senses and engulfs my soul. You stand so strong in a bunch and on your own.

What is a rose.
In my clairvoyant class we do what is called ” rose readings” periodically. The first time I ever heard the term I was quite confused. Since doing them I find that it is one of the easiest ways for me tap into my intuitiveness.

The goal is to get into your reading space in your 6 th chakra. You place your readee’s name on a screen in your minds eye. Then picture a rose. Once one appears take in all the detail. Describe the rose to your readee, tell them the color the scent the length of the stem, even the roots. Even describe to them where the rose is, is it in a field or is your rose on the screen?

Describe to them what the images mean to you, or what it feels like for that person. When doing a rose reading, or any reading actually… The thoughts, messages, pictures that come up may seem odd, or even disjointed. Say it anyway even though it does not make sense to you does not mean it will not make sense to them. In my class I have found that the craziest things that make me feel totally off base are the most meaningful to my readee. These experiences continue to validate the importance of the message, and that it doesn’t have to make sense to me.

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